Soul Healing & Empowerment

“They say that ignorance is bliss, but there’s also a saying according to the gospel of Saint Thomas that which you don’t know can harm you, and that what you do know can free you. And I really believe that the work that Allyn is teaching, from the indigenous teachings, can actually free us to the knowledge of not only the knowledge but a way of being with ourselves with healing our history and with moving forward to heal others.” – Dr. Gail Darin, Oriental Medicine

“My whole life changed…I will never forget what he’s done for me and I’m really grateful for that.” – Cheryl, Former Social Worker

“Working with Allyn has been an amazing experience.” – V

“Thank you Allyn for putting the information in a way that is easy to understand and help me become open to more things in the world.” – Emma, Physical Therapist

“He’s awesome!” – Heather

“I really didn’t know what it’s about but I just trust it…it was a really safe space…I would highly recommend not only to come to a group experience but that they also get a personal session with Allyn.” – James Gilmore

Soul Healing and Empowerment
Written Testimonials

“Allyn is a remarkable Teacher who trained in the oral teachings of Shamanism from the age of three. He is a master Shaman and has helped many people with the healing of their energy bodies and physical ailments. He is skilled in soul retrieval and the clearing of Karma.”
-Linda Pringle, Orangevale, CA

“After being on a spiritual journey since a young child, and after having explored many paths, many religions and many teacher, I feel the universe, has rewarded me by bringing a teacher of Allyn’s caliber into my life. My body, mind, and spirit are in sync and I am overjoyed at being able to drink at the well of a master. I feel truly blessed.”
-Kathy H., Manager, Medicaid Program