Shaman: Body of Light

“I really feel that Allyn knows what he’s talking about and knows what he’s doing and I just feel his energy and his ability to convey what he knows to his students.” – Janice

“He’s remarkable. I would recommend him and his work, his classes, in any shape or form to anyone.” – Judy

“Helping me evolve my own self…deep love and compassion not only to myself but to all everything connected.” – Richard

“I felt the light and I could feel it radiating out. It was a true transformation feeling. I loved it.” – Rev. Patricia

“My experience of class and Allyn is quite amazing…what we get here is not only teaching but also our own personal clearing. So I’ve find the value of this class about just being immense.” – Bato K.

“It was Wow!” – Nina

“My experience in the class was pretty profound…he’s very entertaining and extremely knowledgeable and very loving and it feel safe on his presence.” – Tera

“I felt myself really changing. I feel more center and grounded also. Thanks Allyn.” – Faey A.

“It’s fun to watch people open, it’s fun to watch even experienced people open even further, and just [watch] this energy evolve that’s working together towards the common goals.” – Allyn Sims

Shaman: Body of Light – Level 1
Written Testimonials

“Wonderful – Amazing – Educational Thanks!”
– Sharri Carolo, Analyst, Citrus Heights, CA

“I benefited most from the grounding technique that Allyn taught us instead of being bombarded by all things around me & felt more centered and grounded than ever just by putting this technique in practice daily.”
– Faey Abella, Tax Program Technician, Sacramento, CA

“Keep letting the master teach the ancient ways of healing.”
– Linda Pringle, CMT Chaplain, Orangevale, CA

“This has been a very unique & dynamic class. We have worked with Chakras body soul & parts, emotional body & parts, mental soul parts. We work with certain natural spirit energies open and clear our own body. We learn to be fully in our body so we can identify where we need healing and clearing. The goal is to become a True Body of Light.”
– PJ, Reverend, Folsom, CA

“This class was amazing, very informative. The tools thought are very powerful and immediately useful.”
– Dr. Gail Darin, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Sacramento, CA

“Over the several weeks, used a lot of the tools and successfully worked several areas that previously resisted. I’m in awe of Allyn’s abilities!”
– Judy Tiffany, Carmichael, CA

“Allyn Marshal Sims is a wonderful teacher. I will continue going to all his classes. I have learned a lot about energies, chakras, and how the whole body works.”
– Gloria S., Retired, Orangevale, CA,

“So much knowledge conveyed in a way I could understand.”
– Emma Robalino-Rival, Physical Therapist, Sierra, CA

“I had no idea what shamanism really is and was very curious an open to whatever Allyn was going to teach us. I can’t explain how any of what he does works but I feel the energy swirl around and in me. The most interesting process we learned to do was to go inside our bodies. Shamanism is an “in the body” way of being. I really feel the energy of the class – Allyn is amazing!”
– Linda Hayman, Retired Network Engineer, Folsom, CA

“By the time I attended the second classes I knew I was actually getting something from the class. Each week I would have “aha” moments where I could relate the previous week to things I had learned in class.”
– Nina, Office Manager, Rancho Cordova, CA