Gift: Clearing Blocks to Abundance


3-Steps Towards Wealth, Prosperity, & Abundance

When you sense a block to wealth, prosperity,
or abundance, prioritize your time to sit and clear it.

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Main Clearing Session (Video MP4)
Main Clearing Session (Audio MP3)

Brainwave Entrainment Technology and Binaural Beats have been added to aid in your clearing.

This change technology requires the use of stereo headphones while listening.

If you do not wish to use this technology while clearing, you may simply watch Clearing Practice 1.

Step 1: Bring your awareness to the block (you may remember a specific triggering event to get the block to “light up”)

Step 2: Play the Main Clearing Session (

Step 3: While it plays, stay curious about the block (like a child shining a flashlight of awareness on the block)

Some blocks may dissolve or disappear immediately.

Other blocks may have layers like an onion you have to peel to remove it’s roots completely.

You might have to let some blocks go then check back in with yourself to sense if there’s been a shift.

While others you may never even realized existed until you notice yourself thinking, feeling, or acting with more ease and grace.

How to Clear Blocks to Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance

Watch the course (videos 1-11 below), then clear additional blocks by following steps 1-3 above:

1. Origin of Clearing Blocks to Abundance Course (5:18)

2. Clearing Practice 1: Clearing Blocks to Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance

3. About Clearing Beliefs, Contracts, and Agreements (11:52)

4. About Clearing Entities (13:07)

5. About What is Clearing (10:10)

6. About Clearing Parallel Lives and Time (12:34)

7. About Clearing Karma (7:23)

8. About Clearing to Make Room for Changes (13:22)

9. Clearing Practice 2: Accepting Money and Raising Your Wealth Barometer (5:50)

10. About Money and the Consciousness of Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance (18:39)

11. Clearing Practice 3: Aligning a Multimillionaire Mindset with Career and Business

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