The Elder Northern tradition of Shamanism is an ancient and practical spiritual system of thought & action founded upon the knowledge, beliefs, and practices of ancient European cultures.

Ancestral Pathways International is a modern extension of an Ancient Mystery School rooted deeply into a powerful time we can still access through our own ancestors and the pathways they have already established.

Our highest truth evolves from our ancestral pathways, which lead us continually forward into living our potential as perfected beings.The Elder Northern tradition of Shamanism is an ancient spiritual system of thought founded upon the knowledge, beliefs and practices of ancient European cultures, generally those north of the Alps including Eastern Russia, westward to Scandinavia, Britain, Ireland and Iceland and their descendant cultures in the Americas. It is a world-class spiritual tradition distinct from the Asian, Middle Eastern, Egyptian, and Greece-Roman traditions.

It was completely suppressed during the European Middle Ages but its core teachings survived nearly intact in remote northern villages and especially in Iceland. The Northern tradition is a culture-wide experience, meaning that those who experience life within the larger matrix of the North American culture will benefit from this knowledge regardless of your ethnic origins or religious affiliations.

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